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The Hat Lady -- North Yarmouth, Maine
Frequently Asked Questions
F.A.Q. #1 --  Will the hats itch?
No.  The hats are knit with warm and comfortable acrylic yarn that is soft and easy to care for.  For more information about the hats see "Hat Info" page.
F.A.Q. #2 --  Will you put names on the hats?
NO!!  Police departments, the DARE program and even Dear Abby urge parents not to have a child's name visible to strangers, as it places the child at greater risk to abduction by strangers.  I support that approach to child safety.  I will not allow my own children to wear their names on the outside of their clothing, and I cannot sell something that I consider unsafe for my own children.
F.A.Q. #3 --  How do the sizes run?
The hats are sized based upon 20+ years of trying them on kids'  heads.  If a child is "in between" sizes, go bigger.  Most parents tell me that their child's head is "really big" because children's heads are larger in proportion to their body than the adult head, i.e., the kid's body has not yet grown into their head!  I take that into account with the sizes, but if in doubt, go bigger.  In the rare instance that you get a hat that does not fit, return it with the tag still attached, and I will exchange it for the correct size.
If you have other questions that you would like to ask, please use our feedback form or E-mail us.
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